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On set filming...

Madame Nazimova (Sherilyn Fenn of Twin Peaks & Gilmore Girls) prepares to tell  Rudolpho Valentino (me aha) that he is getting the starring role in the 1921 classic film, The Sheik.

Silent Life, the movie.

Wins Best Video at 39th Annual Young Artist Academy Awards in Los Angles 

Can’t even say how proud I am of this project! My music film trilogy “Breathe” won "Best performance in a Music Video" at the 39th Annual Young Artist Academy Awards last night! I wholeheartedly appreciate the amazing people that were involved in making this - Executive Producer Duane A. Sikes, Director of Photography Andrew Wilkins, Screenwriter Sharon Y. Cobb, Actress Megan Brown, and the many people that helped with the set, the amazing cast and crew, and of course everyone that fed us! This film means the world to me, and I can't wait for you all to see what's next. 
#youngartistawards #wherestarsaremade #YAA2018

<Click Here> to watch the complete Breathe trilogy

Dalton Cyr plays Rudolph Valentino - Hollywood's First Sex Symbol - in upcoming movie 

I'm excited to announce that I have been cast to play Rudolph Valentino in an upcoming movie. Rudolph Valentino was a very famous actor in Hollywood's silent film era. He was born in 1895 in southern Italy, and died in 1926, when he was only 31 years old.

He was a huge star. At his funeral in Manhatten, over 100,000 people lined the streets to pay their respects. A riot erupted and horse mounted police had to restore order. A second funeral was held in Beverly Hills. Rudolph Valentino is the most visited grave in the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery.